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Hi, I'm Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa, President of Antilia Homes and IT Architecture Consultant

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa's Bio:

Ravi Shanghavi of Ottawa is President of Antilia Homes: a custom home builder serving the Ottawa region. Ravi is also an experienced IT Architect and project manager. Shanghavi holds a PMP designation, and has achieved numerous certifications with VMware, Microsoft, and Nokia. Ravi lives in Ottawa, and has been a Canada resident his whole life. Ravi runs a variety of private projects, ranging from investments to real estate. Currently, his main focus is Antilia Homes. As President, Ravi has decided on the direction of the bespoke homes and luxury rentals company from day one, as well as overseeing property and project management on a day-to-day basis.

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Property Development, Property Management, Marketing, Business, Reading, Technology, Symantec, HP, IBM, VMware, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Ottawa, Ravi Shanghavi, Property Development, Project Management, PM, Property Management, Grid Computing, Architecture, Design, Entrepreneurship, Canada, Startups,

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